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Our Health Risk Assessment is uniquely designed to assess individual risk factors associated with the type of Work, Lifestyle and Behavioral issues. We offer completely confidential evaluations for every individual. Each employee will be provided a unique user ID and Password and will be able to log on from work as well as from the comfort of their home. They will complete a questionnaire which will obtain information regarding Demographics, Lifestyle risk factors, Behavioral risk factors, Occupational exposures, Past medical history, Family medical history, Vaccination status, as well as safety history.

In addition, the Onsite assessment will collect biometric data and blood samples as indicated to further complete the screening process. Each employee will get individual feedback on their health status with recommendation by our physicians on how to improve their health as well as specific follow-up information.

We offer employers an aggregate report on the health of their workforce as well as make recommendations on improvements in the Workplace, such as optimizing shift work and workplace smoking cessation. This will enable employers also to be proactive in keeping their workers healthy and enhancing productivity.

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