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eMedics Health Risk Assessments includes screenings for:

Blood Pressure: The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) strongly recommends that clinicians screen adults aged 18 and older for high blood pressure. The USPSTF found good evidence that blood pressure measurement can identify adults at increased risk for cardiovascular disease due to high blood pressure, and good evidence that treatment of high blood pressure substantially decreases the incidence of cardiovascular disease and causes few major harms.

Body Mass Index (BMI): Body Mass Index (BMI) is the best overall indicator of obesity and medical risk.

Waist Hip Ratio: Your health is not only affected by how much body fat you have, but also by where most of the fat is located on your body. Measuring your waist hip ratio helps determine your risk for developing problems associated with obesity such as Diabetes, Coronary artery disease, and High blood pressure.

Cholesterol: Screening for Cholesterol will help identify risk factors for Cardiovascular disease. Once diagnosed, We offer recommendations for Lifestyle changes to prevent further problems.

Glucose: Regular glucose screenings, combined with early intervention, can reduce complications caused by Diabetes. Diabetes may not display any symptoms for 4-7 years while it causes damage in the body.


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